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When you are searching Summon or the Books & eBooks Catalog, you will see links to each ebook:


In the Books & eBooks Catalog, first click an ebook cover image in your search results.  Then look for a "Click to Read" link.  If there is more than one link, it means that we have multiple copies of this any of them to get started.  Click image below to view larger:

Catalog Screenshot with Click to Read Links












In Summon, look for the "Full Text Online" link below the book description, or mouse over the title and click "Read Online" in the detailed view to the right.  Click image below to view larger:

ebook link in Summon

Remember that the Catalog also searches print books.  To read a print book, you will need to request it.  Find out how to do that here.                    


When you click an ebook link, you will be taken to the book's full text on the vendor's website.  Typically, you'll see the book's cover or title page first. 

To start reading, look for:

  • Navigation links, such as arrow icons or "next page" buttons. Use these to turn one page at a time.
  • Table of contents, listing each chapter.  These are usually linked, so you can go directly to the chapter that interests you most.  
  • A search box, which you can use to find a keyword within the book, and jump to each page that mentions it.

The location of these navigation tools will vary from vendor to vendor, as will annotate/highlight, search, print, download and bookshelf options.

Below, see examples from two of our most popular vendors. Find more ebook vendor tutorials here.

Ebook Central ebook example.  Read more about Ebook Central ebooks here.  Click image to view larger.           EBSCO ebook example.  Read more about EBSCO ebooks here.  Click image to view larger.