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Yes, but unfortunately, many e-books in the library's collection are limited by digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.  This means that printing and page downloads are typically limited to a certain percentage of the entire work. DRM restrictions are imposed by the copyright owners (book vendors/publishers) to control access to their products.  The allowed amount will vary from publisher to publisher.  The library community is aware of this issue and actively working with publishers to broaden access rights for consumers.


In the meantime, you can find out how many pages you can print/save from a book by clicking the "print" or "download" option inside the ebook screen

Tip:  these are often "per-session" limits. 

  • Try printing the maximum allowed, then close your browser.  Open a new browser session, navigate back to the book and try printing another round!  In some cases, you may need to wait 24 hours for a new session.


Information about page limits (as well as instructions) from two of our biggest book providers is below:



  • O'Reilly:   PDF chapters can be printed.  Do this by selecting the chapter title and then using the control key plus the letter P (Ctrl+P) keys -- this will allow you to print & tip change to PDF for best printing; see this link to see view .  Note,  you can copy and paste, then, save to your desktop.  See this information on O’Reilly Support, where you will find information on mobile access options.


Find more ebook vendor tutorials here.


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