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As you are collecting resources for your projects, you might be wondering if there are any convenient ways to save them, create citations, and format bibliographies. There are a wide variety of options available and your choice will depend on defining your end goal.

  • Saving Search Results: Some databases will let you create an account and can save stuff for you, but each one works differently. Here is an FAQ that describes these options.
  • Citation Generator: A citation generator will use the metadata for a book, journal article, or whatever, to create a citation in the style guide of your choosing. Many of our databases will do this for you.
  • Bibliography Creation: These tools are useful when you are writing a paper because you can use them in tandem with your word processor to insert references into your writing and automatically create a bibliography - all formatted in the style of your choosing. One example is ZoteroBib, but there are many others. (Did you know you can do this in Word?)
  • Reference Managers: These products save references for you and often even save a copy of the resource (i.e. as a PDF.) Learning how to use one of these tools is a little more time consuming, but it can be really be beneficial because you can use it throughout your entire degree program. Reference managers often let you add notes to a reference, search your library of references, and share your collections with your colleagues, which is helpful if you are working on a group project. You can also use them to create bibliographies. Find recommended reference managers here.


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