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With increasing computer network security, personnel using .mil computer networks and computers occasionally encounter Richard G. Trefry Library access problems. The Department of Defense recognizes APUS as a DoD qualified education provider. For more information and help, please contact  

Please try these steps to troubleshoot:

  • Bring the issue you encountered to the attention of your network administrator, your nearest Education Officer, and request assistance.  You can access your AMU/APU classrooms as they are ‘white-listed’.  We hope that the AMU/APU Richard G. Trefry Library and its resources will be white-listed similarly as they are an integral part of your education.
  • Try a different computer on the same .mil network.
  • Try a different computer on a different .mil network
  • Use your personal computer and your own ISP

In case it is a general access issue, try the following:

In the meantime, try these alternative search options:

  • Explore our library's Open Access Research Guide for a selection of authoritative, free research resources.
  • Contact the librarians for help.  We can help you find resources while your technical issues are being resolved.  Also, some of our databases offer direct login, which works for some students on .mil and/or overseas networks (librarians can set up account with these databases for you...just ask!).
  • Take advantage of the DoD and DHS research portals (linked below).   Within the portals there are library resources, including access to ProQuest.
    • We are advised by USAWC and USCGA librarians that USCG personnel may access and use the USN portal.  USCG and DHS personnel may login to the DHS portal to access DHS provided library resources.  USCG personnel may also use the Navy NKO portal to access DoD provided library resources.  Note: as APUS librarians cannot access the .mil portals, we cannot advise you on their contents or navigation.
  • Air Force Portal
    To register for an Air Force Portal account you must be a U.S. Government Civilian, U.S. Military member or ally, or contractor supporting USAF efforts. There are two primary means of getting an account 1) by self-registration and/or 2) filling out a GCSS-AF Form 41. Personnel having a Common Access Card (CAC) should be able to self-register for an Air Force Portal account. Potential users who currently do not have a CAC should fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  • Army Knowledge Online
    The Army’s Enterprise Portal, Army Knowledge Online (AKO), is a primary component of the Army Knowledge Management (AKM) strategy and The Army Transformation. As the single point of entry into a robust and scalable knowledge management system, AKO is strategically changing the way the Army does business.
  • My Navy Portal
    The goal of MNP is to provide Sailors a single portal with which they can manage their careers from the day they join to the day they separate. MNP will consolidate access to personnel databases, training and education systems, and supporting websites into one easy-to-use system.
  • DoD Joint Knowledge Online

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