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When you experience problems logging in to the library or viewing its subscription resources, librarians will often tell you to clear your cache.  Why?  Each time you visit a webpage, your browser stores information about it so that the page will load more quickly the next time you visit.  But, sometimes cached information becomes outdated, and may interfere with a page's function.   So, a good first step to solving many technical problems is to clear the cache. 

Linked below are up-to-date instructions for a variety of browsers.  You may also find it helpful to clear cookies and, in some cases, your browsing history.  Those options should be available when you clear your cache.

Once you've cleared your browser's cache, close the browser entirely (making sure that all windows are closed).  Some find that they need to completely restart their computer.  Then, launch a new browser session and try again.

If clearing your cache and starting a new browser session do not help with your library technical problem, please see the rest of our basic troubleshooting steps.  You will be able to skip #3 under Browser Settings.

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