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It helps if you are familiar with how different types of citations (for books, periodical articles, websites, etc.) are formatted. To see examples of different citations in APA, MLA, Chicago and Bluebook, visit your style guide.

Each style guide formats citations a bit differently, but there are some common clues for each source type. Since articles and books, and book chapters are commonly-confused citation types, let's take a closer look at those three types of citations:

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Article citations will:
  • Always have two titles:  one for the article, and one for the periodical.
  • Often include volume and issue numbers.
  • Usually include the article's page numbers.
         article citation example

Book citations will:

  • List only one title (though it may have two parts, separated by a colon).
  • May include a city, and a publishing company's name.
           example book citation
Book chapter citations will:
  • Always include two titles: one for the chapter, and one for the book.
  • May list both chapter's author(s) and book's editor(s) names.
  • Usually include the chapter's page numbers.
  • May include a city, and a publishing company's name.
example chapter citation

Still not sure what kind of citation you have?  Ask a librarian for help.

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