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Website: A website, as the name suggests, is a central location that includes multiple web pages that are maintained by a person or organization and is accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time using the internet.  For example, US Fish & Wildlife Service website

Web page: Web page, as the name suggests, is a document or a single page of the website displayed in a web browser and makeup the  WWW (World Wide Web).  For instance, see a webpage on the US Fish & Wildlife Service website.   


Why is it important to know the difference? 

If you are using information that you found on a web page in a research assignment, you will need to cite it.  Since the point of citations is to give your readers a path back to the information you used -- you must be as exact as possible.

For example:  Let's say you're writing a paper about bumble bees, and you used information from the page we mentioned above.   If you cite the US Fish & Wildlife Service website (instead of the page itself), your reader will have a hard time finding that specific bumble bee information. 


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