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To "Shepardize" a case is to trace case history that refers to the selected case. According to Nexis Uni, these subsequent cases "determine whether it is still good law, e.g., whether its value as precedent has been affected by a later court decision or legislative action".  

Use these instructions to locate the case you’d like to Shepardize. Once you’ve found the case, look for a small, colorful symbol beside the case’s citation. This is referred to as the Shepard’s Symbol:

Shepardize a case in Nexis Uni


Click on the symbol to see all of the citing decisions for your case. A complete list of Shepard's Signals and what they indicate is available here.

View this Introduction to Nexis Uni video to learn how to use Nexis Uni more effectively. For more information on legal studies resources at APUS, visit the Legal Studies & Paralegal Studies Program Guide.

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