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You can!  Students can log into the library with their AMU/APU campus username and password, so you can provide links to pages on the library website ( via email, announcements, assignments, etc. 

We do encourage you to explain the library's website navigation to your students, in addition to providing direct links.  This way, if they lose  track of the link you gave them, they will still be able to find the resources they need from the library's homepage. 

Let's look at an example: the Getting Started with Research page ( 

These steps will teach students to find this page via the library's website navigation:

  1. Click to the library's secure website via the link in your classroom. 
  2. Hover your mouse over ONLINE RESEARCH. 
  3. In the menu that drops down, look beneath SEARCH and click "Getting Started with Research."

To save space, you could write the path this way:  Classroom Library Link > ONLINE RESEARCH > SEARCH > Getting Started with Research.  

Or, provide a screen capture, like the one below!  Click to view larger.

Screen capture showing path to the Getting Started with Research page on the library's secure website.


Don't forget that you can also link to the library's research guides, FAQs and subscriptions:


See also:  Why am I being asked to log in when I try to access library subscriptions?  What can I do if my login isn't working?

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