Answered By: Judith Jablonski
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Writing@APUS is the APUS Library’s complete guide to all aspects of academic writing, from organizing your research to formatting your citations. The dedicated section on Graduate Writing provides more in-depth material that graduate students will find especially useful.  To find it:

1. Visit Writing@APUS (click here to see how).

2. Scroll down to the navigation icons.

3. Click on the Graduate Writing link.

Graduate Writing link in Writing@APUS

The following topics are covered:

  • The Difference between Graduate and Undergraduate Writing
  • Mastering Analytical Writing
  • Writing with an Academic Voice
  • Writing the Research Question
  • The Research Proposal
  • Writing a Thesis Statement
  • Writing a Hypothesis Statement
  • The Theoretical Framework | Using Theory
  • The Annotated Bibliography
  • The Literature Review
  • Presenting Data
  • Writing the Conclusion
  • The Capstone Thesis
  • Getting Published
  • Using Style Guides

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