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If you want to read online, via your device's web browser, then the answer is yes.   Any device that is capable of web browsing will allow for portable online reading, as long as an internet connection is available.  Simply open your device's web browser, navigate to our library to find the book you need and start reading

If you want to read offline (i.e. by downloading a book to your device), then it depends.

Some book vendors/publishers do not allow books to be downloaded at all, while others do. The decision, as well as the mobile apps used, is outside of our library's control.  Click here for more information.   

See mobile devices supported by two of our biggest ebook vendors below:

NOTE:  Some e-readers (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.) may require a specific ebook format or app which may not be compatible with all ebook files.  You may have to explore support or help sites for your specific device to see if there is a converter for the various file formats found in the library.  For example, see Amazon Kindle Support


See also:  Do any of the library's databases have mobile apps?

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