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Some courses do use library ebooks as required readings, but most do not.   Textbooks are tricky for university libraries to keep in their collections:  there are many, many textbooks and each is costly.  New editions are published often (meaning the library would have to purchase them all over again every few years).  And, even though most of our textbooks are online, publishers control how each "copy" is used (that is, most publishers would not allow the library to purchase a single ebook for an entire class).  This problem is not unique to online libraries -- brick and mortar university libraries typically do not purchase every class textbook, either, for the same reasons (and: where would they shelve them all?).

Instead, most required textbooks at APUS are purchased directly from the publisher and provided via the university bookstore or from the classroom.

Click here to find out where your textbook is located.

If you have questions about textbooks and other required readings, contact the electronic course materials department at or 877-755-2787 ext. 3800.


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