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When a change to required course materials is requested and scheduled, an email is sent to all scheduled faculty and the Program Director with information on the new material(s) - (title, desk copy contact, and implementation month).  Here’s a sample subject line for these emails:  ENTR320 Booklist Update- August 2016 & Beyond

Approximately 1 month prior to the scheduled implementation date, a reminder for all upcoming changes is sent to the Deans and Program Directors.  Approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled implementation date, individual reminders by program are sent to the Program Directors.

When a title is scheduled to be removed from the course, all references to that title and corresponding assignments must be removed.  If there are any e-book links in the classroom, those links must be removed immediately.  If the links are not removed from the classroom, we are at risk of violating our publisher agreements and/or copyright laws.

Attached is a list of updates that are scheduled to be implemented in the Month noted in the file name.

For Graduate courses, please direct students to the bookstore campus guide for information on our bookstore - They can also reach out to if they have any questions.

For Undergraduate courses -

For courses using VitalSource e-books, please include this note in the classroom:

Example Book, 2nd Ed by Example Author- The VitalSource e-book is provided via the APUS Bookstore. 

Please visit for more information. 

For courses using library e-books, add this note to the classroom:

Please visit and search by the course number (ex: LITR210) to access your required resources.   

For courses using hard copy materials, please include this note to the classroom:

If you have not yet confirmed your shipping address with the APUS Bookstore, please visit for more information. 

For courses using online/library materials only or in addition to materials provided in other formats, please include this (one or both):

  • Various resources from the APUS Library are used.Please visit to locate the course eReserve.

  • Various resources from the Open Web are used.Please visit to locate the course eReserve.

    Contacts For Assistance

  • - questions or other correspondence regarding required course materials; this is also the contact for graduate student inquiries
  • – undergraduate student inquiries
  • – copyright questions
  • - desk copy questions or request

FAQ’s to assist students – also see attachments for VitalSource and Library e-book instructions

Graduate students:

APUS Bookstore – Please Read

What books are required for my course?

Undergraduate students:


 I am having trouble viewing my course e-book?  How can I get help? 

What books are required for my course?

Where is my textbook/e-book?

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