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What is Turnitin and how do I use it? I am a student.

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Turnitin's OriginalityCheck helps you avoid plagiarism by checking your writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying.  When you submit your paper, Turnitin compares it to text in its massive database of student work, websites, books, articles, etc.   Read more here.  

Turnitin is integrated into the Assignments tool in all online classrooms.  This means that - if your instructor has enabled Turnitin in your class - you do not have to create a personal Turnitin account or enroll in a course account.  Instead, when you upload your paper to your classroom, it will automatically be sent through Turnitin's repository.  The originality report that it generates will  help you identify (and correct!) possible instances of plagiarism

NOTE:  If your instructor is using Turnitin outside of the classroom (i.e. via personal accounts/course enrollment at, you will need to obtain enrollment codes directly from your instructor.  The library will not have this course-specific information. 

Here is a preview of how Turnitin works inside the classroom (click images to view larger):

  • You will click on the "Assignments" link on the left side of your classroom and click the name of the assignment that you need to submit.  You should see the assignment instructions, as in the image below.  Click the "Add Attachments" link. 

  • The following screen will appear, allowing you to browse your computer for your assignment file.  Choose the file, then click "Continue."

  • You will then be returned to the assignment's instructions page, and you will see your assignment file in the attachments list.   Click "Submit."  You will see a message indicating that your assignment was successfully submitted.

  • In the Assignment list, you should now see your submitted assignment at the bottom (checked and greyed out).  If multiple submissions are allowed, you will see a "resubmit" link as well.

  • Within 15 minutes of submission, your originality report should be available.  You can access the report by selecting the assignment.  Next to your attached file will be a bar, accompanied by a percentage (your paper's similarity index).  Click this bar to view your originality report.  If you have questions about how to interpret your report, click here.


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